VitalCare America (SM) a RehabCare company is the leading provider of subacute care services in the State of California and manages several units in the state. VitalCare America was established in 1985 to meet the needs of a special patient population that has complex care needs as a result of a catastrophic trauma or illness. Subacute care bridges the gap between acute care and skilled nursing care by providing each resident the most appropriate care for his or her condition. Our program is designed to provide residents an individualized care plan based upon their needs and abilities. Monthly VitalTeam (SM) Conferences are held for each resident in order for the medical team to address the resident's progress and changing care needs. Families as well as residents are invited to attend these meetings. Additionally, family support group meetings are held monthly which enable families to network and support one another and to address patient care issues, concerns, questions and ideas. We feel that strong support and encouragement is as important to family members as it is to the resident, and we have made a solid commitment to making these services readily available. The VitalCare America philosophy is based upon the belief in the intrinsic value of life and in our ability to enhance the quality of life for each resident. The VitalCare America pledge is to provide each resident a LIFE with DIGNITY and HOPE (SM).

Our Goal

Is to maximize improvement for each patient and to provide support for the entire family.

We believe in providing each patient an opportunity for LIFE with DIGNITY and HOPE.